Are you in Brussels for first time ?

PC: Uproxx

Steps to be complete after your arrival
A) Take a house/appartments(Studio,1bhk,2bhk)
B) Request for rental agreement from owner/consultants
C) Find out the pincode of your place and check for commune 
D) Go one-day and register with your commune for requesting of RP card to stay in Belgium which is like Visa for entries and exits . required documents
      1)   Passport
       2). Rental Agreement (Attestation)
       3)  1 photo 
       4)   Cash or BanContact(No visa accepted)
       5)  Marriage certificate Translation(if you are married)
       6). Birth certificate Translation (Spouse/Kids)
      7) all other documents that you brought from your place 
E) You receive Module 2/annexure-15 stating that they received all your documents and send to Ministry for their approval (this process takes 2 to 10 weeks)
F) If it’s approved You will receive an appointment for giving FingerPrints for getting RP 
G)There will some options for you to receive it fast/normal procedure 
       Fast : They charge you extra of 120 Euro(price may varies)
       Normal : It will take two weeks of time to get pin similar to ATM pin with that you will get your RP card 

PC: Quora

****This info we provided based on our experiences it may varies with different Experiences 


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