How about transportation in Brussels ?

Brussels is having plenty of options with transportation unlike in other places. You can reach everycorner of City with public transportation

I want give you more updates on tickets,that you have to understand about Jump/Ticket valid for 1 hour ( It’s different from day pass/Monthly pass) you can always see it in online . Each company of transportation provides MOBIB card you can use for multiple jumps which costs you one time 5 Euro.

You can always visit their websites for more information 🙂

1) Stib – Bus,Metro,Tram

You will get tickets on Bus or Tram and Kiosk

You can buy multiple jumps for less price if you take along with card( You can buy Near kiosks)

Online :

2) Delign – Bus, Tram(Not in Brussels and it’s available in other Cities like Antwerp,Ghent )

PC: Delijn

You can reach near by villages using this services . You can buy tickets in Bus with cash and some kiosks are also available to take multiple tickets for cheaper price.

3) TEC buses 

PC: Infotec

You can reach parts wallonia region from Brussels. You can find near Midi station.

4) Trains reach many places within Brussels city or through out Belgium (Fast trains and bit costlier Once in life time you can experience it)

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