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Once you arrived here/you are staying for long time. Here are the steps for applying VISA for your spouse by your own.

Applying Visa D for spouse, it will take 1-2 weeks for dependent visa to approve (if you are applying within 6 months of arrival in belgium)

It might take 6 to 9 months for dependent visa to approve (if you are applying after 6 months arrival in belgium).

  1. Copy of the residence permit (front + back) from you – You will recieve it, Once you visit Commune in Belgium and register for resident permit (it will take 1-4 months to receive and depends on communes )
  2. Registered Rent agreement from you – (address of office where rental registration can be done in brussels – Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 50 1000 Bruxelles)
  3. Your single permit documents
  4. latest 6 months payslips from you (It can be our country payslips along with IT returns)
  5. Proof of payment of Administrative fee(You can pay it via BANCONTACT)
  6. Copy of the identity page of your passport
  7. Documents from YOUR SPOUSE/KID/KID’s
  8. National passport of your spouse/kid for visa and make sure it should valid for more than 12 month
  9. Visa form should be filled separately for spouse/kid in ONLINE
  10. Passport size Photos with proper requirement of Belgium VISA. You can get it in our PHOTO SHOPS.
  11. Birth certificate for spouse/kid ( To Be Legalised, You can drop us an email for contact person, He is a lawyer)
  12. Medical certificate for spouse( To get authorized Hospitals for Entry to Belgium)
  13. Police clearance certificate for spouse- You can receive via your local passport office(It may take two weeks) To Be Legalized, You can drop us an email for contact person, He is a lawyer
  14. Marriage certificate for your spouse ( You will recieve it REGISTRAR/PANCHAYAT OFFICE To Be Legalized, You can drop us an email for contact person, He is a lawyer)
  15. Travel insurance covering a minimum of 30.000€ medical costs for a minimum period of 3 months for spouse/kid – 
  16. Once if everything is ready you can book appointment with VFS near to your place. Please call them or get to know prior from where you can submit. They might have different options Express/Normal. You can choose what ever you like based on your confidence of taking document.
    1. They will take finger prints
    2. Please make sure you have take appropriate VISA amount for your spouse/kid


Its about our experience in providing this information it may varies person to person, Please check other sites as well before you are applying.

More details can be found from below link

Thanks for your contribution in sharing your experience in applying visa


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