How to get a Car Driving License(DL) in Belgium?

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It is easily explained in below steps. Please follow them in order to get the work done in a smooth way

1) First thing to do is clearing your Theory test in any exam center(Make sure that you are already having valid Resident Permit)

How to Prepare?:

1) Buy a english translated book.(Or even you can buy second hand in facebook groups) and other option if you can read via online by using internet for free translate(https://rijbewijsb.gratisrijbewijsonline.be/theorie)

Click on les

Mondikaarten: https://www.mondikaarten.be/driving-licence-b-full-package-1608

2) Read it well and give online tests by paying certain amount(https://www.drivinglicence-belgium.be/, Free:  https://rijbewijs-online.be/en/belgium/practice-test use chrome for translation to English )

3) Attend theory exam in a place of your choice.

4) In Case if you fail ,you can try it again

5) If you fail 2 times in a row, you need to go for training for theory with any driving school.

6) Below is what you have to do once you pass theory exam. It varies from one person to other based on your driving experience

              If you already have experience

                  1) You can directly give exam with any driving school

                                            Tips: Please take minimum 6 hours classes before going to exam

                        Cost: 650 + 65(Translator) + 40(Exam)

                        Note: You can give this test ‘N’ number of times but make sure you are not going to make blunder mistakes So that again you should give Theory exam(This happens)

                                  Each time you give exam its costs you : 250(School) + 65(Translator) + 40(Exam)

               If you are new to driving

                  2) you should go for 20 hours class with any driving school to get provisional license.

                                                           With provisional licence you can drive alone in your car without carrying any passenger but some times

                                                           if any co-passenger is 8 years experience he can suggest you ( But he/she must be registered with commune by telling

                                                           them that i am gonna teach/help so that he should go for 4 hours training session)

                                   Cost: 1000(School) + 20 (Provisional Licence – Cost may varies from commune to commune)

                                          After 3 months You are ready to give exam in any exam centre by using your own car or with school(we suggest you to go ASSE-No other choice)

                                                                                         Cost: 250(School) + 65(Translator) + 40(Exam)

Brussels :

1) You have to attend first aid sessions

2) You have to give seperetly Perception test with translator if you don’t know local languages

Additional info : https://abroadhandbook.com/2020/01/29/how-do-you-get-driving-belgium-licence/

Samples by Goca : https://youtu.be/zKh0zAbHeJQ


Note: Please correct us if it is wrong by using contacts section

Experience : https://www.facebook.com/groups/2984182798376593/permalink/3814713655323499/

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  1. Ghent/ Antwerp could also be good options for examcenters. I passed my exam from Ghent.

    In Asse, the time between appointments is usually long.

    If a person has provisional license (M18) and has a car, he can give the exam directly as well (based on my experience).


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