Create Trust !!!

In short hand . There is a person , holding a decent job and have a family and reputation to maintain but addicted to gambling
ofcourse what ever one is addicted can be a least conern to the society unless it effects the other but this person started using his salary for his life style maintainenance
and started borrowing 5 lakhs from his friends to keep up his addiction the confidence is one day he can and will gain in gambling , so you see the down sides of
confidence here and what he is trying to trade here is the trust and relation friends are holding . When similar expereiences are being shared with each other
among his mutual friends this amounted for around 30 lakhs none of them are in a situation to force this person for repayment out of their relationsip.
None of his friends want to go on a fight with him just because they don’t want to drag him socially down and just with a positive feeling that one day
he will come out of this bad phase of going downn in an endless pit where he cheats all the people associated with him out of his addiction to gambling.
it bothers when you live lavish life style out of loans and the people who lent you are suffering silently hoping that you repay them some day .
Life has it’s plans always .

This person who had a confidence that he will re pay all he lent died of an accident and it’s again his friends who took care of his last rites.
his family is safe he took care of them always well as he used his earnings for their well being but what about his friends they paid
the price for knowing and trusting him.

These friends who had this experience , in the material world which is called as “cheating” can never dare to trust others . so the crux of this article is don’t be a part of
those people who are creating this society where a person can’t trust others in standing by when they needed him .

if you take a loan repay it , know your limits and always remember we are mortals and we can embrace tomorrow but can’t be sure about it.

Written by Rajesh Varikuntla

Editor Sreenadh