Journey to No where… !

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Ramesh is just another guy, you might have met already. He is healthy, has a family and dreams to pursue, walks across the same streets of the city every day to reach a place where he is on a payroll. He often gets bored of this routine. When he feels he is lacking interest, he looks forward to traveling. So typically Ramesh keeps himself happy looking forward or planning for that exciting journey he is going to do in the coming days.

Every journey is a quest. Some may give the amusement of finding new places and some may help in getting to know yourself better. So after every journey, Ramesh comes back to his routine and experiences a void , a longing feeling for the excitement he is missing in his routine but when Ramesh finds this new city where he arrived very amusing , beautiful buildings friendly people and a new culture to acquaint with, he decides to shift to this city so he can experience this feeling every day. Early days were very exciting but as some months passed by soon he started to develop a routine in this new city . He starts to find the buildings which he found once beautiful as normal as the people. This feeling was already known to him.

When living with these thoughts Ramesh finds a text which personally resonates with his questions
“The appearance of things changes according to the emotions. That’s why we see magic and beauty in them while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves”. So the reflection is the feeling of routine in Ramesh’s life can never be gone unless he starts finding happiness within .

It’s the attitude of Gratitude towards the things that can make their presence in life beautiful.

Once Ramesh realized this, he started being grateful for the things he has in his life rather than complaining or comparing.

Author : Sreenadh