Real or True

After a long time, I wish to share a beautiful story. In fact, a truth of the universe ..

What is real or true love?

This is a beautiful question. In fact, a lifetime question.

Some will get the answer, some don’t till the end of their life ,some enjoy true love from the start of their life to the end of their life ,some one eagerly waiting for true love ,some never taste the real or true love .

 I would like to share one aspect of true love or real love  .

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What I want to  share is true love in my opinion. I don’t say it’s a universal fact or it is the only truth.What I feel is I’m sharing as a writer in my opinion. ,

Let me share a small story regarding true love or real love  ..

  “Once there lived a teenage boy in a small town his age is around 14 years .

One day he suddenly came from his school and threw his bag and ran into kitchen his mother asked, “What happened? You rushed towards kitchen.”

He responded, “Mom, shall I ask a question?”

 His mother replied, “Yes. Why not?”

 He anxiously asked his mother,”Mom what is real love or true love?”

After listening this question from his loved one, her face turned into

dull face ,with dull voice , 

she replied,”My dear son “one day for sure you will get an answer for your question”.”

After replying, she prays to god in her heart that god gives her the strength to live till her son knows what real love is .

As a mother she took care of him and loved him abundantly. She feels that still her son is asking what is real love. She thinks that her love isn’t enough or else I haven’t loved him that much. She feels so depressed .

As the days passed, this boy passed out plus two school and was about to join graduate college.

 His wish is to join a city college and he wants to enjoy his college life .

But his mother did not accept him to leave home town. She can’t stay without seeing him so she decided to join his son in one of the  local colleges .

As the admissions are opened in the local colleges, On one fine day he and his mother  went to the college to get an admission. Unwillingly he went and both are standing in a queue to get admission form. Suddenly, he saw one girl who looked so beautiful. Immediately he ran and found her and he came to know that she is also joining in the same college. He decided that moment that he wanted to marry her, he came back to his mother and with a smile he said “maa, thanks so much for choosing this college. She surprisingly asked him, “What happened to you before coming here you were not at all interested to join in local college. Now what happened to you, You are saying thanks  to me”.

he said “nothing maa..”

He has got admission and joined in the college. As the days passed, he met her and expressed  his love toward her. She also accepted his love by the end of their education. They both are the best and cute couple of the entire college. They decided to marry after getting the jobs. 

They both got the jobs in nearby city. On one beautiful day they became wife and husband and they decided to move to the city for their job purpose. Both the couple left their hometown after a few months. His father died suddenly. They came for a 15 days leave and again they moved to the city. Now, he left his mother alone.

This couple waited a long time for a kid.Almost 5 years of their married life, they waited for kids .

On one fine day their waiting comes to an end. She got pregnant. They both are very very happy. He telegrammed this news  to his mother.

 He was very much caring toward her during pregnancy time as 9 months had passed and she delivered a beautiful boy.He looks so cute,he telegrammed the news to his mother.

The couple is so happy they both loved this kid very much. She even loves him more.

As their happy days are going on,on. One tired working day he came to home very late and she noticed that he was so tried.She kept his head on her lap and asked, “what happened?”. He said today work is heavy and he slowly moved into a  deep sleep. All of sudden in the middle of the night he wake up and finds  that he is alone on his bed. Then he remembers the words his wife used to say “my dear love I never make you to feel alone nor I never leave you alone. I’m always with you forever ” with a smile on his face he slept .

In the morning after waking up, she took a coffee and said, “Honey, good morning”. He replied,”What happened to you in the night? You leave me alone.” She with a smile on her face replied that “Honey, I slept near to our son as he is alone. He is nothing but you and me”. 

He said OK but something stuck in his mind and he thinks that my mother also loved me in the same way as my father feels the same way what I feel today,

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He wept a lot for his mother. He came early from the office, his wife asked, “today you came early”. He said, “no work”. She noticed that he is thinking about something in the night. She asked him, “what happened honey?”. He said nothing. Night also, she slept near to their son and again he feels lonely In the morning. He asked his wife “do you love me more or you love your son more?”

 She replied, “my dear, he is our son. He is nothing but you and me. We have to love him so much ..”

These words make him think so much about his mother. She also used to say the same way when his father asked the same question .

He decided to go to his home town to see his mother ..He caught the evening train and went to his hometown. From the far, he saw their house looks  so  old. He came 4 years before. After reaching his house,he went inside the house. It is full of dust and he searches for his mother by opening the door of her room she understand that his son has come. He came near to his mother cot.

 she asked “My son did  you find real love “. After listening those words from his mother, he fell down before the cot she lying and wept a loud and said maa “forgive me!you’re the real love these many days, I’m not in a position to understand your love and caring”.  He wept a lot. His mother also cried. She cried in happiness and they both hugged each other. He said, “maa, I won’t leave you again. Forgive me,” he said .

At that time, he decided to stay along with his mother immediately. The Couple and their son moved to their hometown. They all stayed together after a year passed and his mother died at her old age. He sat alone on the mountain and said these words loudly..

“True Love is nothing but MOTHER “

 No one on the earth loved you more than your mother. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich, poor,black,white whatever you’re one will find unconditional love only at mother heart. I wasted half of my life In search for real love ,

“The day when one born from mothers womb is the day one get real love”

 To understand this someone like me need half of the life ,someone needs a full life ,very few will find it at an early stage of their life .

I humble warn you love your mother and father. Your parents’ love is the true and unconditional love for ever ..

Everyone in this world has mother and father ..loving them is our boon..

Someone has no mother. Someone lives like an orphan. They find mothers from the society who are kind and generous enough ..

Mothers are the most  loving humans on earth ..

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I dedicate this to all the mothers, lovely women on earth.

True or real Love – MOTHER .


Author: Nirmal Sagar Yadala