Short Stories

We love to read and explore to others.

6. Create Trust !!!

know your limits and always remember we are mortals

5. #MSDhoniRetires

A cricketer on the field and a soldier of the field’ 

4. Journey to nowhere

Ramesh is just another guy, you might have met already. He is healthy, has a family and dreams to pursue, walks across the same streets of the city every day to reach a place where he is on a payroll. He often gets bored of this routine

3. Alex (Chapter 1)

Story of a misfortunate poor guy!!

2. What is real or true love?

This is a beautiful question. In fact, a lifetime question.

Some will get the answer, some don’t till the end of their life ,some enjoy true love from the start of their life to the end of their life ,some one eagerly waiting for true love ,some never taste the real or true love .

1. Winning & Losing

………A beautiful argument between two great legends who are part and parcel of everyone’s life on the earth and these two legends are not the humans but more than that in some situations ..

They are “Winning and Losing”

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  1. Author did a fantastic job in making us realize what is True love? Undoubtedly Mother’s love!!!


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