ALEX(Story of a misfortunate poor guy!!)

(Chapter I)

Once there lived a 25 years old man by name Alex in a small town of Cambodia. He was the only boy to his parents. 

Both of his parents were into farming and supported Alex to success in his academics. 

Alex was passionate about doing service to mankind like his parents, but in another form as a medical doctor. He was poor. However, he got free admission in a medical college with all his hardwork and parents support. 

Everyone was joyful with his success, but no one knows that a misfortune was also waiting for him.As time passed, Alex was keen into his studies ignoring all the mischief’s happening around him by senior students of his college.His passion towards his career forced him to learn everything in a precise manner. He used to take tutions for his classmates and juniors in order to improve his subject knowledge.

He mastered the theory of medicine within a short time and surprised his professors as well. There he goes close to his misfortune with all his passion.Alex found practical things fascinating and mysterious as well. He spent most of his time in the laboratory to find out the solutions for his doubts that he had in mind.

His in-depth knowledge of human anatomy forced him to dig deeper in finding solutions for his doubts.To his surprise, he found the connection between all the dead bodies that are allocated for dissections (practicals). Since then Alex started investigating to find out the mafia behind that.

He had to spend his major time in college therefore he could bring the hidden things to light and to the notice of Administration. But he wasn’t aware of the misfortune about to happen with him.He was in need of someone who can support in the investigation. There he took help of his female friend Lilly. Lilly was a charming girl with intelligence and had a good impression on Alex.

Lilly wasn’t sure initially what she was working on with Alex. No sooner she realized that they are into a big mess and requested Alex to stop investigating further.However, Alex was determined to bring the mafia to light and to the notice of college administration. One day he followed the mortuary van and found himself underground in an unknown place. To his shock, he found Organs of the dead body were being separated and packed in ice containers to be shipped.

His misfortune was asleep that day because of which he could make out of that place alive with all answers for questions he had in his mind. He could also take some snaps in his mobile.

Alex explained everything to Lilly and kept all the witnesses with her. Alex was perspiring heavily and restless. He could only think of going home and hugging his parents.

So, the night before he approached College Dean was the last day he had a peaceful sleep with his parents. Misfortune has got into action now.

He met the Dean of college with all hope to curb the mafia happening around in his college. He left Dean astonishing with all his research and witness found against the mafia. But, he never knew that he was surrounded by misfortune.

College dean surprised Alex with his goofy smile and preached to him to stay out of this mess. Alex was speechless, helpless and shivered like never before knowing that Dean was aware of all this.Alex was clueless how to proceed further? With all the support of Lilly who was from a rich and popular background in society, he made it to the police station to file a case against the College Administration.

Misfortune had taken a bad shape and prepared to ruin Alex which he could never ever have thought of.Alex was relaxed and in a hope that Police would take action against the Mafia. As usual,he went to his college and was surprised to see classmates clapping for his heroic work.

As the day passed, he headed towards the laboratory for his regular practicals. He gathered all the necessary things to start dissection class for his fellow classmates and Juniors.

He never knew misfortune was gonna bang him in a moment. He removed the dead bodies cover to start dissecting and found his own parents’ dead bodies. All of them were shocked to see the awful incident.

And nobody could dare to console Alex for his loss. Alex felt excruciatingly painful and remained silent mourning for his Misfortune happened. Alex recalled the saying from his parents “Son you should be treating us if we are ill” But his misfortune had brought his parents for practicals.

The agony Alex had during that moment whether made him strong to fight back the misfortune or took vengeance on the culprits or Curbed the mafia and saved society. 

For all the answers wait for Chapter II.

Author: Shaik AbdulKarim

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